Peace Of Mind Dog Rescue: Pet Adoption, Cares, Donation And Volunteer

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Peace Of Mind Dog Rescue – Are you set to adopt dogs? Nowadays people tend to prefer using this term rather than buy pets. There are many places you can visit to get your woof friend. Among those, animal rescues organization can be your option. Peace of Mind Dog Rescue is one of the rescues corps. Just as the name indicates, they will rescue, taking care and later offer adoption. If you are interested, read this article to find out more about this non-profit company.

Getting To Know The Non-Profit Company

Peace Of Mind Dog Rescue Pet Adoption. Pic by instagram theshihtzufanatic
Peace Of Mind Dog Rescue Pet Adoption. Pic by instagram theshihtzufanatic

Have you heard of this company? This rescue company is a non-profit corporation that works on the field of pet cares. Located at the Patricia J. Bauer Center, California, this POMDR will be an advocate and resource for senior dogs and people. Especially those who reside on California’s Central Coast. At the same time, they also have a veterinary clinic that is available at 1251 10th St Monterey, CA 93940.

Adoption Dogs Offering From Any Kind Of Breeds

Peace of Mind Dog rescue has many kinds of dogs from any breeds and ages, which can be adopted. How they get those are from the perpetual care system. The pre-arrangement is made to take in dogs which their guardians unable to care anymore. Most of the time, the pets are senior pups who have to separate from their senior owner. Pets may be those who are left alone, because the owner moving out, died, etc.

If you are interested to adopt one, you can always check their official website. Just search on the internet the company name, and the official web will appear. There are a lot of adoptable dogs you can choose, from the Labrador, Terrier, Chihuahua, etc. Mostly the dogs are senior, with the age range of >7 years old. You can also opt for other adoptable dogs which not owned by the Peace of Mind Dog rescue.

Intake And Adoption For Senior Dogs

Just as said before that the dogs for adoption are from intake and rescue. The main concern and purpose of the company are to provide help in taking care of senior dogs. Most of the time, senior dogs will take lots of needs. Thus POMDR is there as a resource. Especially for the old or senior citizens which have a problem in taking care of pups. The company offer the option of intake with perpetual care or helping paw which provide financial assistance and volunteer.

Donations Offer To Support The Company

Then how about the money source to fulfill the need? It is granted this kind of question will appear for the non-profit corporation. The Peace of Mind Dog rescue work and runs with donations. The official web stated that POMDR relies heavily on donations from the public. What it is for? The most obvious answer is for the pets’ needs. Since many of the rescued pups are senior, many donations are directly thrown to the medical care expenses.

There are many offers and ways to donate. It doesn’t matter how much your donation; the company will appreciate it. Go to the official site for the range of donations and options. There are also some donations ways you can choose such as a monthly donation. A tribute donation to honor of special animal or person. Sponsor a dog, amazon smile, sponsor Ads, Dog Tag donor, Doggie suite, plaque, corporate, annual gift, etc.

Volunteer Open To Advocate The Care

Peace of Mind Dog rescue also has volunteer projects. There are over 700 volunteers ready to save and improve the lives of dogs. There are some types of volunteers you can choose from. Transportation for picking up dogs. For the adoption events, to help out fundraising, for tabling, for helping paw project, and other specialties. If you are interested yet unable to commit to a specific task, you can apply for a general volunteer. Those are the brief introduction of this non-profit dog rescue company. This particular company offers intake and adoption to senior dogs. This idea will help a senior citizen who is unable to take care of their dogs anymore. At the same time, there is a volunteer and financial assistance for seniors to take care of their dogs. If you are a dog lover, you can try to adopt, be a foster owner, donate, and volunteer to take care and fulfill the need of all the pups.

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