Get To Know Courage The Cowardly Dog Casts

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How old are you now? Have you ever watch a cartoon series on the television? If you have, you may familiar with a Cartoon Network name. The animation series production has tons of cartoon series for years. Among all those series, Courage the Cowardly is quite appealing. The horror yet fun animation series have some interesting character. To know more, check out the list of the Courage the Cowardly Dog casts as explained below.

These Are Some Major Cast Of The Courage The Cowardly Dog Animation Series

Get To Know Courage The Cowardly Dog Casts
Get To Know Courage The Cowardly Dog Casts. Pic by instagram withadogpodcast

1. The Pink Easy to Scared Dog “Courage”

When talking about a cartoon, most of the time it will orbit on the fun and entertaining cast and story. Indeed, the main character in this series is the cute pink dog. The dog is called Courage. Contrasting with the name, the protagonist is an overly frightened beagle dog. He was found and later adopted by the Murriel Bagge as an abandoned puppy. Later they will live together along with the Eustace Bagge (the husband) which regularly mistreated “Courage”

The main Courage the Cowardly dog cast which is an anthropomorphic dog lives with elderly couples at a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. The cute and pink dog’s main character along with the sweet couple has to witness and withstand crazy, bizarre, disturbing misadventures. Often it will involve supernatural and paranormal activities. Courage tends to goes miles to protects his owner, even if he severely injured.

2. The Sweet Heart Muriel Bagge

Muriel Bagge is the one who found and took puppy Courage in the abandoned alleyway. This woman is the present owner and the wife of Eustace Bagge. The elderly Muriel is a kind, sweetheart, overweight, yet hard-working person. Most of the time, Muriel has seen bringing a rolling pin which is used for hitting Eustace whenever he harasses Courage. This Courage the Cowardly Dog cast usually turned as an easy or attractive target for the show’s villains.

3. The Cynical Greedy Eustace Bagge

Contrasting with the sweet-hearted wife, Eustace Bagge is a skinny, jaded, elderly, cynical, disgruntled and greedy farmer. He loves money, his truck and quite hateful to Courage. That is why he tends to mistreat Courage. The character is pictured as an old man wearing glasses and a brown hat. He loves his wife, yet in some episodes, he demeans Muriel. Just like the wife, his greediness leans to many misfortunes or backfires at the end of the episode.

4. The red lanky Antagonist Katz

An animation series won’t be completed without antagonist characters. There are many villains in this cartoon, yet one of the major is Katz. Katz is a red lanky anthropomorphic cat that speaks posh English accent. This Courage the Cowardly Dog cast is the nemesis of Courage. He is very sadistic and smart at business. This leads to many businesses that involve torture or killing costumers.

5. The con Artist LE Quack

Another antagonist cast is the Le Quack. The name itself means as con-artist duck in French. He is a duck that has fake amnesia – a specialist license. Which makes him able to brainwash and ask people to do the crime. Le quack frequently appears in the show. He is the main villain in the episode which Muriel suffers from amnesia. And later he mostly came out and returns to dupe the Bagge elder couples to help him commit crimes.

6. The outer space chicken

Since it is a cartoon series, you should expect some crazy bizarre characters. The next villain of Courage the Cowardly Dog cast is the chicken from outer space. This chicken is the first villain which came out in the show. What makes him bad is that the eggs it produces are mutagenic, which later turn whoever eats them to an egg. He appears quite a lot with numbers of episode which have different evil tactics and ideas.

Those are some casts which are the major or main character in this cartoon series. The pink cowardly beagle, Courage, together with the elder couples have to fight and survive many bizarre, dangerous events. While the major antagonist is Katz, Le Quack, other chicken, etc. Most of the time, the events will involve supernatural and paranormal phenomena. More characters and stories are going on in this series, that is why you should check it out. Don’t forget to share this site for our happiness! Thanks for reading.

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