Can I Give My Dog Tums? Is It Safe? Check Out Here!

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Have you ever heard about Tums? Yes, Tums the medicine you use for fixing your stomachache. Surprisingly, a lot of dog owner is being smart and give this medicine to their beloved furry pet. Just like a human, your pup may have a tummy ache. Thus, giving them Tums is one of the options. But these kinds of questions will appear, is it safe? Can I give my dog tums? Don’t just follow your friend or trend. Check out this article for a better answer.

Can I Give My Dog Tums Is It Safe Check Out Here. Pic by instagram theshihtzufanatic
Can I Give My Dog Tums Is It Safe Check Out Here. Pic by instagram theshihtzufanatic

Yes, You Can Give Your Dog Tums

The answer to the question is Yes. You may want to provide this med if your dog suffers diarrhea, tummy ache or other digestion problems. Most people have already tried this idea since it works for your body. But surprisingly, it also works wonder for your pup. It did help to reduce the pain and provide temporary relief of the aching. However, since it is not designed for dogs so you should opt for better and more effective options available. 

Yes, It Is Safe But It Is Better To Consult Your Veterinarian

Can I give my dog tums? Is it safe? These two questions are commonly appearing. Indeed, since it can be used for dogs then it is safe. Tums is not the best and the most effective option but it still works. However, you must follow the safe dosage and certain guidelines before giving it. At the same time, consider consulting to your veterinarian first to avoid the worst-case scenario which could make your dog much sicker or even worst – dies.

The Safe Dosage Of Tums For Your Pup

When it comes to the dosage, it will differ and widely varies depending on the drug strength, dog size, the formula and the weight of your dog. Which is why the most appropriate first step to do is asking your vet for the dosage, and “can I give my dog tums?” question. But is there any general dosage or typical dosage I can use? Highly possible you will try to find the answer by yourself. In this case, there is some typical dosage you can try.

If you have a small dog, then try for 1250 mg of Tums for over 24 hours. The medium dogs will be enough for 2 ml to 4 grams over 24 hours. The big dogs need a dosage of around 4 – 6 grams for over a day. And for the giant type dogs, 6 to 10 grams of tums for a day will be enough. You can try this dosage at first, check the effect and the condition of your dog. If nothing is changing or the condition is worsening, quickly bring the pup to your vet.

Better Alternative for Tums

Can I give my dog tums? Don’t just stick up to this idea as your solution. This med is not the best option, there are many other alternatives you can opt to. Contacting the Vet is the best alternative. In case your dog has extreme diarrhea, then don’t even give tums or antacids. For mild diarrhea, fasting, switching a more easily digestible diet, give pureed pumpkin or smaller portions are better. The alternative meds are Pepto or Imodium (only from vet prescription).  

Things To Consider Before Giving Tums

Since you know the right dosage and alternatives, you should also consider other situations. Don’t give a med with xylitol, it is toxic for dogs. Also, avoid repeated use or regular exposure, and don’t use it along with other medication. At the same time, ask Can I give my dog tums? to your vet. Why? because this med won’t be good for puppies, pregnant dogs, pups with certain medical conditions or if your dog has an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients.

That is all you need to know about giving tums to your pup. Even though it is safe and it also works for your beloved furry pets, but there are some things to consider. You should follow and give the right dosage, consult to your vet, check the ingredient labels and dogs condition, to opt for the better and safer alternative. A wrong use of tums, can badly affect your pup. Thus, if there are no effects after the consumption, it is better to contact and go to the vet. 

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